Saint Philip’s Episcopal Church is a transformational community of faithful people. Since 1958, we have committed ourselves to serving our community. We are committed to being a “Holy ground” for the spiritual and religious needs of all people. Come and see.

Washington State has reopened and is beyond the Roadmap to Recovery Phased Reopening Plan.  You will no longer be required to sign a screening form or have your temperature checked. However, if you are showing any signs of illness (not chronic), please stay home.

For those who are vaccinated, you are no longer required to wear a mask or keep distance.

For those who are un-vaccinated, you are strongly encouraged to remain masked and distanced (honor system). There will be reserved seating sections for those who are un-vaccinated, for those who wish to remain masked and distanced. These sections are clearly marked.

During communion, all un-vaccinated persons, those wishing to keep distance, will be the first to receive communion. All vaccinated persons will be invited to position themselves around the altar rail to receive. 

We have reinstated hymn singing and the coffee hour.

The 8:00am service that is held in the library will return on Sunday, August 8th.

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